Steps to Take If Your Furnace Stops Working

There are are some steps you can take if your furnace stops working in your home but for the most part, it’s important to leave things to the professionals for the sake of safety.

Make sure your thermostat is set …

Your CyberMonday and CyberWeek 2016 Shopping Deals

Below is a list of major retailers and their Cyber Monday or Cyber Week shopping deals – happy shopping!

AmazonCyber Week

Banana RepublicCyber Monday | Find a store

Bed Bath and BeyondCyber Monday | Find a store

BelkCyber Sale | …

Common Problems With Boilers

With so many advances over the years, boilers are much more safe and reliable than those of previous generations. Though problems do still arise, and many times, you don’t learn about them until you need your boiler in cold weather.…

Ideas To Help Warm the Cold Spots In Your Home

Let the sun shine! There’s a lot of free heat available from that giant orb in the sky – keep your shutters & blinds open around the areas of your house the sun streams in to let in as much …

Fixing Your Home’s Air Leaks Saves Money

Air leaks can cause from 25 to 30 percent energy loss in your home – it is certainly worth it to repair any leaks, because they will save you money!

Discovering and Treating Air Leaks In Ductwork

Junction points where …